Burger Bunker

Burger Bunker’s menu is filled with delicious options with creative military names. Enjoy Sandbag Jalapeño Poppers using applewood smoked bacon, the Flamethrower Burger that has some added “heat” and many more options. You can always add extra meat, a fried egg or crispy onions to any of our hand-crafted burgers. The entire team takes great pride in every single burger that is ordered and invite you to join us for your next meal.

Jammie & Trace

Jammie dreamed of opening a food venue, while her husband, Trace, supplied the theme: the U.S. Military. Trace’s Great Grandfather, both Grandfathers, and Father all served. Trace followed in their footsteps and joined the Army. After a stint in the Middle East, Trace was honorably discharged, and eventually joined the Reserves. After meeting Jammie during his time in the Reserves in Hawaii, they created J&T Food Bunker. It started as a food truck in Coeur d’Alene, offering craft burgers and a heaping plate of respect for military, police, firefighters, and all related service personnel. The business is now two-fold: The Bunker Bar, and the OD Green food truck outside became Burger Bunker next door.

In The Community

A portion of all sales from Burger Bunker and The Bunker Bar are donated to local non-profits that benefit the surrounding community. They love working with Newby-Ginnings, a local non-profit providing household essentials and other support to military personnel, veterans, and their families. Military also get a special place inside the bar to place their patches, pins and other ephemera from service, including a few from Owner, Trace’s forebears. You will also find a “patch wall” inside the Bunker Bar which has become a community highlight. In addition to providing a welcoming place and hearty pub food, Burger Bunker donates a portion of proceeds to veteran’s suicide prevention. Suicide has been very close to Trace’s heart since coming home from deployment in 2017. Many people don’t know that suicide is actually the No. 1 killer in the military. More men are lost to suicide than combat.